Fast and reliable CDN for your awesome projects.

Improve the performance of your projects by serving your files or the world's most widely used libraries through our CDN based on the most reliable global server networks.

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Best Libraries

We host the best JS and CSS libraries such as jQuery, React, Bootstrap and many more for free.

Your files

You can upload your JS and CSS files via API or online tools and serve them to your users quickly and reliably.

Cloudflare based

.Maui uses Cloudflare's global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast and reliable.

Free services

We have developed free, ad-free tools that can be used through a browser or API without having to install any software. Explore the services.

Free and reliable cdn for images, minimized js and css

.Maui offers 50 MB of free CDN to its users and up to 1 GB to premium users. This CDN is available through free tools such as JS and CSS minimizers or through APIs.

Premium Features

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All the benefits of .Maui

All premium benefits also on other .Maui tools including email and chat support

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Advanced API

Up to 100,000 requests per day to our API instead of 100.

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1 GB space for your files with unlimited bandwidth

Upgrade today for just $9.99 per year!
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